P'JAMERZ Dreamer Kit

P'JAMERZ Dreamer Kit
When you fall asleep you go to a magical place. Here you can be or do anything, a place where your imagination has no limits. This is the kingdom of Dreamworld, guarded by the enchanted fairies. However one being has sought to corrupt Dreamworld and turn it into a place of fear and darkness. Knightmare seeks to destroy all the good in Dreamworld. The fairies need the children of the world to help win back Dreamworld from the clutches of Knightmare. Only children with the purest of heart and truest of imaginations will be chosen to be the heroes of Dreamworld…

Lack of Sleep

Children that do not get a good uninterrupted night's sleep can exhibit a wealth of symptoms.

These symptoms can range from crankiness to low concentration in school. The number one contributing factor to a child’s inability to sleep normally comes from some fear of going to sleep at night. There are several treatments but they can be expensive and can involve medical professionals (Psychiatrist, Pediatricians) and or medications such as Ambien, Sonata, Restoril, Atarax etc. 

Our hope is that with a simple inexpensive toy we can empower children and give them the confidence to naturally deal with their sleep anxiety.

Our Solution

A toy brand that helps children face their nightmares and empower them to take on their fears. The toy will help promote a secure fun happy and light routine that can help a child sleep through the night. 

Each character is designed to tackle a specific fear and help children conquer lack of courage, lack of power, fear of heights and flying and lastly a fear of water or swimming.

P'Jamerz main bad guy Knightmare was created to change the tone of the word nightmare. Knightmare is a goofy character who comes off more comical than scary. Parents are stunned to first time they hear their child say "I like Knightmare he's so funny..."

Each toy comes with their very own bedtime storybook that shows that character overcoming their fears.