ADHD or Sleep Deprivation

Reports have come out that suggest that many children that are diagnosed with being ADHD may have in fact just been sleep deprived. One of the main reasons for this lack of sleep is anxiety of sleeping. One out of four children have a nightmare at least Once a week. These stats are staggering and help spotlight a possible problem among our children. Nightmares can seem like a normal nuisance to adults but for children can be traumatic enough to make them not want to sleep. Lack of sleep can have some serious adverse effects including impulsivity, hyperactivity, irritability and even depression. All of which are similar symptoms to ADHD. 

We created P'JAMERZ as a very simple way to try and make sleep-time fun for children and create an adventure out of sleeping. Our hope is that children who are positively encouraged to sleep, sleep and sleep better. 

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