Idea to reality

A decent amount of time and research has gone into each toy. Follow me as we take you on the journey of taking a concept for Archie from the initial sketches all the way to the final product.

Every great product has a beginning and here is ours...

P'Jamerz was created out of the love of toys and the impact that they can have on children. We fondly remember the toys that helped shape our self esteem and honed our imagination. We wanted to create something that was functional on many levels. A product that not only occupied time but something that could achieve something greater. 

Being scared of the dark is probably one of the most universal fears for children. Like most unresolved fears as children this fear usually becomes an adult fear. We wanted to channel a child's imagination into a toy that would help children overcome their fear of the dark and nightmares. P'JAMERZ would become that idea.

Our first character created was Archie, we wanted to start out with the idea of obtaining confidence, a Lion was the perfect animal to represent this ideal.

The designs in P'JAMERZ would be a mix of cosplay and pajamas. So we started out with a design that felt like a costume that could have been made by a mom. We wanted the look to be playful.



Normally our process is to sketch on paper first but the mental visualization allowed us to go straight to computer. Overall we liked the look and the charming feeling of the character.  


Here we went back to pencil and paper to give Archie a series of sketches that exemplified his personality. Calm, confident, funny, thoughtful... Archie's character began to grow.


These color reference sketches would become the basis for everything else involving the characters going forward.


At this point we weren't sure if the final toy would be plush or a posable figure. In any event we wanted to make sure that any manufacturer would have a complete picture of what the character would look like from all views (front, back and sides). 


After a few months of conceptualizing and organizing or final product arrived. We decided to go with the plush toys because we believed that they would be easier for a child to sleep with. After some long strides and a few rocky moments we were happy to hold our courageous P'JAMERZ leader Archie!